Dr. Ann Moir-Bussy

Independent Director

PhD in Counselling Education in Hong Kong: The Processes of Reconceptualisation and Transformation (University of New England), Masters of Arts in Community Counselling (by thesis) (University of Canberra), Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hynotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP (Australian College of Hypnotherapy), Advanced Certificate in Clinical Hynotherapy (Australian College of Hypnotherapy), Graduate Diploma in Community Counselling (University of Canberra), Bachelor of Education (Brisbane Institue of Techonology), Diploma of Teaching (Darwin Community College), Certificate of Primary Teaching (Victorian Education Department)

Dr. Moir-Bussy comes with a strong industry background, having obtained affiliation with considerable professional institutions, including currently holding the position of Vice President of the Australian Counselling Association as well as Secretary General of the International Federation of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Additionally, Ann is the Registered Supervisor of the Asian Professional Counselling Association (Head of Research and Academic Division).

Ann has over 25 years as a professional counsellor, researcher, lecturer and consultant in the field of counselling. She has authored one text and been a co-author on several more. She has peer reviewed numerous articles and is well established as a senior academic in her jurisdiction.

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