CEO’s musings


Infinity Institute sets out to do things a little differently. We want you, our students to not only aim for, but achieve, incredible things. Your future is our priority and to ensure that you maximise your potential, we have and will continue to structure our courses in a way that distinguishes them from ‘the rest’. This means that upon completion, you will have the best opportunity to flourish in your chosen career. In addition, we set out to ensure that the foundation upon which your education is built at Infinity Institute allows leverage into the future, whether it be for further studies or specialisation in your field of choice.

Our lecturers and tutors are deliberately selected with the highest standards. This allows them to offer our students the highest levels of support in their journey of study. In providing learning support and ongoing assistance that is tailored to their studies our team will facilitate our students in achieving their best.

Critical thinking and inquiry, academic excellence, cultural and gender diversity and ethical behaviour all underpin the values of this institution. Just because we are not a ‘big name’ organisation, doesn’t mean that the qualification you receive at the end of your successful studies carries any less weight.

We propose to challenge mainstream thinking with our model and invite you to join us to do so. Each member of our management, governance and academic team espouses excellence in all aspect of student life. If you want to be the best, come and be part of the team here at Infinity Institute.


To have an enduring positive impact on society through excellence in education and learning.


To provide an educational experience of the highest calibre. To give our students a rich learning experience in a rich learning environment. To ensure our graduates continue to advance in their professional and academic careers. To demonstrate values that positively change the community around us with ever lasting impact.


Integrity – expecting and applying the highest personal, professional and ethical standards in all our actions. This will be reflected in transparency and consistency in our conduct and practices.

Fairness – all dealings with and by Infinity Institute will be afforded with fairness as a cornerstone. Treatment of individuals will not be based on any particular attribute, rather will be equal, open and true to the highest ethical standards.

Excellence – every person at Infinity Institute, whether student, staff or board members will demonstrate this quality to ensure that the environment at and outcomes of being associated with, Infinity Institute is beyond reproach.

Accountability –to ourselves and our community. This will be reflected by holding each other to account, striving for optimal impact and relevance through working together and making a positive and valued contribution to the industry, society and community.