Our orientation program will help you get started at Infinity Institute. During orientation we will show you around, help you get ready for study and make you feel at home in Melbourne.

Infinity Institute has a full orientation program for beginning students. Orientation sessions are conducted prior to the commencement of a course of study at the College. During Orientation, students participate in many fun social events, they receive important information about student life and attend workshops where they are introduced to Infinity Institute, meet other students and can ask questions about subjects they will be undertaking, student support services, course planning and academic expectations.

The purpose of orientation is to inform new students of many aspects of life at the College and to introduce the College’s Values and Student Charter and Code of Conduct. The Orientation is also aimed at providing an introduction to studying and to Melbourne’s transportation, facilities, events and accommodation. In addition, students will be introduced to the College staff, and a tour the College and its surroundings.

Students will be encouraged to ask questions to experience the facilities available at the College and its surroundings. It is essential that all students attend the orientation program, otherwise they may miss out on important information which may affect their studies, visa or enjoyment opportunities during their stay in Australia.

The orientation program encompasses a range of educational, course planning, independent living and social information including:

  • information on medical and emergency services
  • information on complaints and appeals processes
  • registration, Student ID Cards, and campus tour
  • workshops on living and studying in Australia
  • library orientation
  • introduction to the Learning Management System (LMS) and IT systems
  • advice on course planning
  • individual course advice and enrolment check
  • discussion on academic expectations including plagiarism
  • information on English language support
  • information on student support services
  • information on student visa conditions relating to course progress
  • discussion and tour of the College’s facilities and resources